41st National Yoga Sports Championship will be held from 12th to 16th November, 2016 at Ranchi (Jharkhand) under the auspices of Yoga Federation of India. ........................................... 6th Asian Yoga sports Championship will be held from 3rd to 5th September 2016 at at Hanoi (Vietnam) under the Auspices of Aisan Yoga Federation. ........................................... For participation please contact Mr. Ashok Kumar Aggarwal (Secretary General - Yoga Federation of India & Asian Yoga Federation) Mobile No.+91-94174-14741, e-mail:- yfiashok2000@yahoo.co.in
Rules for National Yogasana Competetion (National Yoga Championship)...

1). General Rules, Regulations and Instructions for National Yogasana Competetion

  a). Age Groups

Separate Yoga Competition for Male and Female competitors will be held in the following eight age groups :

    a) 08-11 YEARS BOYS & GIRLS
    b) 11-14 YEARS BOYS & GIRLS
    a) 14-17 YEARS BOYS & GIRLS
    a) 17-21 YEARS BOYS & GIRLS
    b) 21-25 YEARS MEN & WOMEN
    c) 25-35 YEARS MEN
    d) 25-35 YEARS WOMEN
b). Date Of Birth/Player Registration Card
The age of the player will be checked as it stands on 31 st December of the session of the National Yoga Championship, for that all players must have players Registration Card with them, issued by Yoga Federation of India, to check their Date of Birth.
  c). Medical Fitness Certificate
Each yoga player will submit Medical Fitness Certificate of atleast a MBBS doctor before participation in the National Yoga Championship.
  d). Photograph of the player
Each yoga player will submit a latest stamp size coloured photograph before participation in the National Yoga Championship.
  e). Number Of Entries
In each age group, maximum three competitors of either sex from each unit will be allowed to compete.
  f). Sequence of Performance
The competitors will perform one by one on the dias as per their sequence which will be decided by a draw of lots before the competition.
  g). Syllabus
  h). Retention
Time to maintain in each Asana will be fifteen seconds for all age groups.
  i). Dress
The male Competitors will wear tight sports shirt and shorts. The female Competitors will wear Gymnastic Costume/Sports Shirts and Short but the women above 25 years may wear skin tight track bottom and sport shirt. The male and female competitors will wear attractive costumes for Artistic and Rhythemic Yoga Competitions.
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